Margaret Merritt is founding principal/owner of Margaret Merritt Productions, providing creative, technical and fundamental support required for flawless show execution and product styling.

Margaret has had a successful career as a model and talent agent as well as Fashion/PR Director for Saks Fifth Avenue. Taking leave from PR and returning to the modeling industry she founded The Agency Arizona where today many a superstar is seen in national campaigns and on international runways.

Merritt is now focusing her talents on fashion production including concept, design, casting, styling, and staffing. Merritt is an invaluable resource to her clients; as a result she is highly sought after due to her expertise and knowledge of the industry. Merritt’s attention to detail, unwavering commitment, impeccable vision and calm approach has established her excellent reputation throughout the country.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas she now resides in Arizona with her husband and 2 cats.